Monday, 2 February 2015

"Procession of the equinox"

144    = Light
288   = Double light, the Kingdom of Heaven.  
432   = Consecration (also the square root of the classical speed of light, 186624 miles per second).  Several Biblical references are also tied to it; Luke 8:15, Revelation 2:17, etc.  
396    = Classical earth radius (3960 miles).  
576    = Prophecy and Gospel.  
864    = Time (2) the source of light and life, (3) Most Holy.  
1152  = Witness (576 x 2).  Biblical references include Luke 14:26, Revelation 3:12, 12:11 and 19:9.  
1296  = Circle of space (360 x 60 x 60).  1296 was also Plato's favorite number.  
1548  = Priest of God.  
1728  = A-flat in music.  
2304  = False Christs and False prophets (1 Cor. 14:22, Mark 13:12).  
3168  = Lord Jesus Christ.  
3888  = New Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2, 1 Cor. 12:27, Luke 8:21, etc.).  
5184  = Victory over the beast (Rev. 15:2).  
Mathematical dreams

"Fine structure constant"

 On January 29, 2001, Mr. J. DePompeo called the writer's attention to the fact that the product of the odd prime factorial of 17 and the 37th prime equals, with a difference less than 1 meter, the value of the measure of the equatorial circumference of the earth, 40075035.5351 m, as estimated by the Year 2000 International Astronomical Union.  This equatorial circumference constitutes a bulge in the shape of the earth.  The gravitational attraction of the moon and sun on this bulge causes a precession of the earth's rotation axis.  On February 6, 2001, Mr. DePompeo communicated his discovery that when the natural numbers are mapped one to one with the odd primes, 6 corresponds to 17 and 36 to the 37th prime, and, analogously to the above product of the corresponding primes, the product of factorial 6 and 36 equals (rounding 71.6 years per degree to 72) the number of years of the precession of the earth's rotation axis, 25920.  He noted that 25920 = 144π radiansHe also noted that the rational product of Genesis 1:2, והארץ היתה תהו ובהו, "And the earth was without form and void," equals 25920.  For the definition of the term 'rational product', see, on this web, Transdecimal Calculation of Number Identity: A Note on Integral Product & Related Terms.   For the fundamental role of 6 and 36 in the logic of the thinking now occurring, cf. D.G. Leahy, Foundation: Matter the Body Itself (Albany, 1996), III.1, pp. 272ff., et passim.  Note also that the product of 6 and 36 equals the sum of 6, 36, 17, and the 37th prime.  For 2592 and the logic, cf. ibid., p. 277, n. 30, Section III.5, pp. 435ff., and Section III.7, p. 447, also, below, Addendum 11.   For 144π as unique value of the absolute dead center cube, cf., ibid., Section IV.2, p. 524, n. 98, and p. 525, n. 99

Where the time required for the replacement of the entire human epidermis is 28 days = 2419200 s (SB Hoath and DG Leahy, "The Organization of Human Epidermis: Functional Epidermal Units and Phi Proportionality"), the edge of the New Jerusalem cube = 12000 furlongs = 2414016 m, the average human BSA ~ 1.73 m2, and flow rate = bimolecular recombination constant = m3/s,

"The Teseract"